Educational Videos

8mm & 16mm Film Transfer Process

The video and its narrative show the entire film scanning and transfer process.

Sample Video of Super 8mm Film Capture with our HD Snipers

The yellow border represents a pre-set crop outline for movie presentation on Blu-ray, DVD, and some movie file formats. Complete edge-to-edge transfer is also available if requested.

Color Correction Services

Cintrex AV offers basic color correction service for film that has suffered some dye failure or decay over time. Various film stocks fade over time and we offer color correction to restore content to near original condition. Below are examples of our work:

  • the first example is a video comparing the before (left side) and after (right side) for our color correction done on red-tinted 16mm film
  • below the video, are two sets of film frames, side by side, showing before and after color correction on blue-tinted 8mm film We charge $50 for basic color correction for film transfer projects. If the intended restoration is more complex, we will contact you with an estimate.

Comparison of Cintrex AV 1080P Film Scanning Transfer versus Previous Generation Realtime Film Tranfer

More content, more color and better clarity; there are several stop points in the film playback for comparison purposes.