Media Storage & Archiving Solutions

We offer simple, point solutions and a cloud storage option for archiving important documents, images, and video files.

The solutions provide peace of mind for consumers and small businesses wanting to preserve digital assets.

Back up digital files onto to DVD or Blu-ray M-Disc

Archive Media Files to DVD or Blu-ray M-Disc

Back up digital files onto to DVD or Blu-ray M-Disc, with a choice of DVD M-Disc (4.7GB), Blu-ray M-Disc (25GB), or dual layer 50GB Blu-ray Disc, or triple layer 100GB Blu-ray Disc. Place videos, images, documents, and other media onto the DVD or Blu-ray M-Disc for backup protection. The M-DIsc is rated by the US Dept. of Defense to retain information up to 1,000 years. Service fee is $1 per GigaByte of data placed on the disc.

archive video and media content onto Ultrium LTO tapes. We can write to LTO-4, LTO-5, and LTO-6 tapes. LTO tapes

Archive Video to LTO Tape

Turnkey service for archiving video and media content onto Ultrium LTO tapes. LTO tapes have a 30 year shelf life, and are an essential part of any video storage strategy. We can write to LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO-7, and LTO-8 tapes. Pricing for archiving any type of video or image files onto LTO tape is $40 per Terabyte of data. Our rates are inclusive of the archiving service, tape media, and customer specified case labeling.

Ultrium LTO tapes (LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, or LTO-5) restoration

LTO Tape Restoration

Send in your previous generation Ultrium LTO tapes (starting with LTO-5), along with your external hard-drive, and we will restore your archived video content and place it on the provided hard-drive. Pricing is $100.00 per tape.

cloud backup service for video, audio, and images

LightJar Archived Cloud Storage

Archive video, photo and other type media files to the cloud. Manage and update file information from anywhere. Restore data within 24 hours, or sooner, depending upon amount of content being recalled.