Slides, Photos, & Negative FAQs

What is the cost to scan and digitize my 200 35mm slides, and put the images into a DVD video slideshow?

Summary of services delivery options - Pricing for digitization of the 35mm slides is 45 cents each. Putting those digital images into a DVD video slideshow with accompanying music and onscreen titles is another 20 cents per slide. The background music can be what you provide, what we buy for you off iTunes, or our own in-house license free music (jazz, soft rock, country western, piano, various instrumentals); any of these options are already included in the price of 20 cents per slide. We recommend showing each image about 6 to 8 seconds before moving onto the next image. Assume 10 slides for each minute of presentation; one hundred images would be a 10 minute slideshow. If you need the slides to be shown in a specific order, we ask that you write the sequence number (#1, #2, #3, #4, etc) on one corner of the cardboard mount. Your order directions for onscreen titles and song sequence or background music will be followed, as well. If you prefer, we can burn a "rough draft" DVD to make sure everything is as it should be (image sequence, correct titles, etc.) and mail it to you via US Mail or the Internet for your review. We’ll then make corrections for a final cut after receiving your input. Copies of the DVD Slideshow are $10 each. Other options for consideration - a higher definition (better resolution and color) slideshow can be put on Blu-ray Disc or made into a high def movie data file (.mov or .avi) for play on computers. The slides are scanned at 3000ppi, and the higher definition videos shown on Blu-ray Disc or in high-def movie data files can better show all the resolution of the captured slide images.


  • Digitization of slides: 45 cents or $0.45 each
  • Slideshow with background music and onscreen titles: 20 cents or $0.20 per image put into slideshow
  • Final format choices for presentation of slideshow: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or Movie Data File; first format comes with order; a second format is an extra $25. Some people want the DVD for the showing, but want a second format for either play in a Blu-ray Disc player, or as a data file for long term safekeeping and archival. The high-def data file format product is given back to the customer on an M-DISC (archival data DVD with up to 1000 year shelf life).
  • Extra copies of video slideshow on disc: $10 per DVD, extra copies of Blu-ray Disc $15 each
  • Customer receives back a data disc containing the digital images for each transferred slide, and a playable disc for showing on a disc player, and if chosen, a third disc with optional formats.

How many slides will fit on a DVD?

When we create a professional, quality slideshow for our customer we can fit approximately 550 slides on one DVD.

What resolution do you use when scanning in slides?

Standard scanning of slides is done at 3,000 dpi (dots per inch) resolution. In addition, we use Digital ICE software to remove specs and dirt from the captured image. Color correction editing can also be added to help restore color to old slides that have begun to fade or turn red.

What media can my slides be converted to?

Slides can be converted to movie slideshows on DVD, Blu-ray, or external drive. In addition, we include JPEG files for each slide in your order.

Can I have audio added to the movie slideshow?

Yes. Cintrex can add background music to your slideshow based on your preferences. We have royalty free instrumental music available in every genre. We also have narration options available to customers interested in including verbal information with their slideshow. Click here to see an example of a slideshow with music added by Cintrex.

Can I have titles and on-screen wording added to my movie slideshow?

Yes. Cintrex can add on-screen titles and wording to enhance and organize your slideshow. Common examples are slides divided up by year or event using on-screen titles.

Can Cintrex organize my slides in my desired order?

Yes. Cintrex will follow the specific instructions gathered when the order is placed. Clear instructions and proper labeling (do not use post-it notes because they fall off) will ensure that your order is processed precisely as you intend.

  • Example 1: Customer has slides numbered and organized in the order they would like them scanned.
  • Example 2: Customer has slides separated by year and would like them scanned in chronological order.

Feel free to Contact Us directly to discuss your order and get tips on the best way to organize your slides before sending them to us.