Post Production Video Editing FAQs

What does a Cintrex Video Production include?

All of our Video Production services consist of taking your existing content and repurposing it to meet your needs. If your content is in an old format such as film, video tape, slides, photos, etc, we can digitize your content so that we can use it in the creation of your video. Each Video Production includes options for how you want the final product to be delivered. We can output your video onto any digital format including DVD, Blu-ray Disc, External Hard-drive, and file formats for easy upload to sites like Facebook and YouTube.

How can I be sure my video will turn out the way I want?

All of our Video Production services include one-on-one communication with the technician that is helping you create your video. That communication includes the use of an EDL (Edit Decision List) that will help you give your Cintrex technician very specific instructions for what you are looking for in your video.

What is the cost for a Video Production from Cintrex?

Typically our cost is $60/ hr for editing video content, however, In order to let our customers fully customize their video with as many options or as few as they need, we generate a unique quote for each Video Production. Contact Us now to speak with a Cintrex technician who can get all of the specifics on your video and give you a quote that will get you exactly what you are looking for.

We are a small company, can we afford your services?

We strive to be competitive in all aspects of our pricing so that our services are affordable for small and large businesses as well as individuals and families. If you have questions about our pricing or would like to discuss a custom quote for you order please Contact Us

Does a Video Production from Cintrex include a video shoot?

At this time we don't offer a package that includes any video or photo shoots. However, we can offer solutions for customers looking for this type of custom job. Contact Us to discuss your video needs, we frequently work with customers looking for custom media solutions.

What video editing tools do you use for your work?

At Cintrex AV we primarily use Adobe Creative Suite, but we can also use Final Cut X if needed for a specific project.

What do I need to give you for making a custom video slideshow?

The key with a custom video slideshow is organization, have your slides or photos or digital images clearly and neatly numbered in the order you would like them to appear in your slideshow. Feel free to Contact Us to talk with a Cintrex technician if you need help organizing your content for a slideshow, once you explain what you have they will be able to help you come up with a numbering and organization system that will work best.

How does Memory Notes work? What am I getting with that service?

Memory Notes provide a way to include valuable information through, titles, pop ups, and meta data that is often lost or forgotten over the years. For more information about our Memory Notes Service please visit Memory notes.