Order Processes

Visit our ONLINE STORE to browse our online catalog of media conversion, archive, or video editing service products. Each product page has firm pricing, product description, customer reviews, and a shopping cart to fill and place your order. After placing your order, you'll receive instructions to print off a free UPS shipping label for sending your package of memories into Cintrex AV.

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We accept order paperwork from our ONLINE STORE, or a PDF Cintrex AV orderform, or your own provided paperwork. It is important that we know what you want, how you want it, when you want it, etc. We need your contact information - phone number and email, and your instructions of what we are to do with your package when we receive it. The more specific and detailed your instructions, the better the outcome and your satisfaction.

Shipping your order into Cintrex AV

We offer free shipping both ways on orders valued at $100 or more. After purchasing a services' product in our web store, you will receive an invite to use our UPS shipping label generator to print off a shipping label for your box. Carefully box up your contents, using proper packaging and tape materials, then apply the UPS shipping label, and drop off your box at the nearest UPS store or customer service center, or if your package is small enough, it can be left inside a UPS Drop-box. It is important that your package is never left unattended outside a UPS Drop-box. Save the label number for tracking your package into Cintrex. We'll be tracking it as well. If you prefer to use other shipping services, our address is 101 Weldon Parkway, Maryland Heights, MO 63043. We can provide shipping materials if you need them.

Insurance for your shipments

Your film, video tapes, camcorders and other video contents that you ship into us are irreplaceable. We understand this. We have never lost a customer shipment, inbound or outbound, in the many years that we have used UPS shipping services. As added peace of mind, when you use our UPS shipping label generator, you may enter a "declared value" for your inbound shipment, up to a maximum of $50,000. You will be charged $0.90 for each $100 of declared value. Declaring your package's value does not mean it is automatically insured for the declared value. UPS will determine final compensation in lost or damaged situations based on whether the package was properly prepared, taped, labeled, etc.

Processing Your Order

Turnaround on most orders is 2 weeks, from physical receipt into our processing lab to you receiving a return UPS package from Cintrex. Very similar steps are used in the transfer, media conversion, and video archival jobs. The initial ingestion tools may be different at the transfer stations because of the differing nature of specific media access, but once the digitized content is placed on the network, then the processes involve the same computer tools and data appliances, the same new access media and storage options, and the same business delivery systems.

Terms of Payment

Cintrex AV does not invoice or collect payment until work is completed, or the project has reached a certain agreed-upon milestone, and the job is ready to be shipped back to the customer. We ask customers to pay the Cintrex invoice with company or personal check, credit card, or PayPal. Upon clearance of necessary payments, the job is shipped back to the customer via UPS or USPS services. NOTE - for orders from our online store that require return of new digital files via the WEB, we will first run the customer's credit card, and then upload the files to the Cloud service for eventual delivery to the customer. There may be a day lag time between running the customer's credit card, and receipt of the new digital files.


Please check your returned order for accuracy. Cintrex AV warranties its work to be correct and complete as written up in our services descriptions, or we perform the necessary corrections on the finished content to satisfy the customer.

Backup Storage

All conversion jobs and video projects are saved and backed up to our data storage network for 90 days. We do this for three reasons: protection against damaged or lost return shipments, regular requests from customers for additional editing of content, and ongoing requests for extra copies of the final DVD or Blu-ray Discs.

Privacy Policy

Cintrex AV values your privacy. We maintain a strict privacy policy on all content that we store and transfer for out customers. Nothing we handle for our customers is shared, released, or distributed by Cintrex or it's employees. All information is kept confidential. For more details check out our entire Privacy Policy.