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Media Conversion

Convert yesterday's and today's film, video, audio, and image recordings to the latest digital formats.


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We offer simple, point solutions and a cloud storage option for archiving important documents, images, and video files.


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Advantages of Cintrex AV

Established in 1979

8mm film transfer 16mm film transfer Super 8mm film transfer 9.5mm film transfer 35mm film transfer


In addition to digitizing your media, we help with recommendations on best storage and organizing options for your assets so you can find them again, share them when needed.

DVCAM Tape Transfer, U-matic Tape Transfer, HDCAM Tape Transfer, DVCPRO tape Transfer, Betacam Tape Transfer, Betacam SP tape transfer, DigiBeta Tape Transfer, MiniDV Tape Transfer, Video Tape Transfer, Broadcast Tape Transfers


Good reviews from our resellers and direct-sale customers; we have a reputation for quality work and flexibility for customers.

Movie Film to DVD, Movie Film to MP4, 16mm film with audio transfer, Convert movie films to new formats, Convert 16mm film to data files


Our technicians do a quality control review on each order before it is returned to our clients. We back up each order for 90 days in our storage network; and we provide a 90 day warranty, in case we need to correct or replace what we have returned to you.

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