Media Storage & Archiving Solutions

Save your important video projects and company's historical recordings for when you need them again.  We offer simple, point solutions and a cloud storage option for archiving important documents, images, and video files.  The solutions provide peace of mind for consumers and small businesses wanting to preserve digital assets.  Short summaries are given below on our services for digitizing media and saving the digital copies to Blu-ray M-DISC, LTO Tapes, and Cloud Storage.  We help to make sure you know what you have, know where to find it, and know that it will be there when you need it.  Tell us what you want to do, and we'll design a solution to meet your need.



Physical to Digital Conversion

This service provides basic conversion of your media recordings so that the new digital copies are suitable for sharing across the WEB or storage in the Cloud.  We convert video and movie film to MP4 files, images to JPG files, and audio recordings to MP3 files.  The services are applicable to:

  • home movies on 8mm/16mm film, video tapes, DVDs, Camcorder Hard-drives, and SD Memory Cards;

  • professional video recordings on broadcast tapes such as Betacam, DVCPRO, DVCAM or U-matic tapes;

  • images on prints, photos, 35mm slides, and negatives; and

  • audio recordings on cassettes and vinyl LPs.

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Backup for Mobile Devices

Save the videos and photos from you smartphone or tablet to data disc or video disc.  Discs provide an excellent secondary backup for the digital media files on your mobile device and its supporting cloud service.  We can backup your device's collection via web download links from the device's existing cloud service, or transfer them off the device's SD card.  If you prefer to keep your SD card, and do not have an existing Cloud service, we can offer alternative means to have you send us the contents on your cellphone or tablet.

Archive Media Files to Blu-ray Disc

Back up digital files onto to Blu-ray Disc, with a choice of Blu-ray M-Disc, or dual layer 50GB Blu-ray Disc, or triple layer 100GB Blu-ray Disc.   Place videos, images, documents, and other media onto the Blu-ray for backup protection.  For smaller jobs, or if specified by the customer, we will use the Blu-ray M-DIsc, a disc rated by the US Dept. of Defense to retain information up to 1,000 years.  Service fee is $0.50 per GigaByte of data placed on the disc.

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Archive Video to LTO Tape

Turnkey service for companies wanting to archive video and media content onto Ultrium LTO tapes.  We can write to LTO-4, LTO-5, and LTO-6 tapes.  LTO tapes have a 30 year shelf life, and are an essential part of any video storage strategy.   Pricing for archiving any type video or image files onto LTO tape is $0.12 per Gigabyte of data.  Our rates are inclusive of the archiving service, tape media, and customer specified case labeling.  Minimum order is $150, or the equivalent of archiving 1,250GB. 

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LTO Tape Restoration

Send in your previous generation Ultrium LTO tapes (LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, or LTO-5), along with your external hard-drive, and we will restore your archived video content and place it on the provided hard-drive. Pricing is $100.00 per tape.  

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LightJar Archived Cloud Storage

Archive video, photo and other type media files to the cloud.  Manage and update file information from anywhere.  Restore data within 24 hours, or sooner, depending upon amount of content being recalled.  

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Contact Cintrex AV to discuss your video archive or restoration project.  You can reach us at  1-800-325-9541 or email us at We also have a Digital Archival Services Form that you can fill out and submit specific information regarding your archival project.  Once we receive your request we will contact you to discuss all of your options and give you a quote.  We also offer some services that need specific quotes, such as Custom Post-Production Editing - restoring archived videos and editing their digital content for new marketing or publishing initiatives.

Thank you for your interest.